Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Swimming accidents!!!

Hi "Woofmans"!!! Been so long since I last used mummy's lappy coz I've been real busy!!! Doing what, you are asking... of course my pro profession - swimmer!!! As you seen I've been going to the public pool every weekend and have mastered my swimming skill so much!!!

But accidents, of course still happens... like what you can see, it's a public pool... and there's A LOT OF big fellows around me... and they always forget about me when it comes to play... I am always jumped on and their whole body will keep me under water for a while!!! Haiz... no choice.. who tell me to be so dainty? ^_^

Oh ya!!! Forget to tell you, I'm a year old liao!!! Big girl liao!!! Had so much fun on my birthday!!! Coz daddy and mummy brought me to Sentosa - Tanjong Beach!! I've had the whole beach to myself!!! I mean, I can run so freely there!!! So happy!!! I've even flirted with my first boy!!! Had so much fun playing with him!!! Hope to see him again... mummy say will at least try to bring me once a month to Sentosa... hope that'll really happen!!!! Can't wait for the next trip there!!! Will post my photos in Sentosa on my next blog!!! Wait for me!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I can't have babies anymore!!! *Sob sob*

It's so painful... I'm so moody... why do Daddy and Mummy do that to me? Spay? What's that? They keep saying it's for my own good... is it true? I'm still a baby, yet they do this to me.... I don't want to care about them anymore... make me so much in pain... so sad... All I can feel is pain around my abdomen... is it true I can't have babies anymore? I'm no longer a woman!!! Waaahhhhh!!!

At least, Mummy looks like she's going to cry... I shall forgive her.... she purposely want to do this during her leave so that she can look after me and accompany me... all day long... she keeps talking to me and coaxing me to eat and drink... coz I really hate this thingy around my neck and I heard that I have to wear this for 10 days!!! I shall not eat and drink at all to protest!!! But my hungry stomach can't help it.. today evening then I start to eat and drink on my own... after 2 and 1/2 days of no food ... poor mummy and daddy are so heart-pain... serve them right? They must suffer with me! Heehee....

Anyway, I'm feeling so much better today! I can even bark at people passing-by! Hahaa... I even started to play and poor Daddy and Mummy got so worried about me and banned me from my toys! No choice, I shall go sleep then... even though I've been sleeping for 1 whole day!!! Let me continue to sleep then... nite nite

Saturday, November 7, 2009

I love swimming!!!

Yeah yeah!!! I've mastered swimming!!! I'm such a pro girl now!!! I can jump into the pool myself without Daddy and Mummy to carry me in!!! I'm so so clever now!!! I can't stop playing with the toy and jumping into the pool!!! Heeheeee...

But I'm a bit bad mood today. With another Jie jie around disturbing me... I can't help but took my first bite at another. This is the first time, I'm so fierce. Normally I'm a gentle girl. But sorry lor, who tell you to disturb me when I'm in such a bad mood. Daddy and especially, Mummy are angry with me... Mummy is so worried that this will be the start of the aggressive behavior of mine. Sorry mummy, I'll try to be a good girl.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

My "Drowning" Day!!!

I'm such a healthy girl nowadays... Daddy and Mummy will always bring me swimming during weekend.... once a week... yesterday I went again for my weekly swimming.... I so pro now... although I still dare not go into the swimming pool myself... Daddy or Mummy always has to force me to go in... but now, I can swim a few laps myself... you know!!! Just need either Mummy or Daddy to follow me and guide me along the pool!!! Heeheee!!!

But yesterday, I had my first "drowning" exp
erience!!! It's really so frightening lor!!! Never had it in my life!!! It's all because of this silly Labrador - Xuan xuan lor... She loves to play so much lor that even while I'm swimming, she'll swim and pounce on me!!! I such a little and small girl compare to her!!! She kept me from swimming up and I really have to struggle a lot lor!!! Luckily, Mummy quickly jumped into the pool and rescued me!!! So scary that I can't move after that except to lay down and have a rest. Mummy quickly gave me a tibits to calm me down and after that, I can jump and run again!!! I hate Xuan Xuan!!! Arggghhh!!!!

Anyway, see my photos!!! I'm pro right? And it's all so easy to me now.... If only I dare to jump in, think Daddy and Mummy will love me for that!!! ^_^

See see!!! I can still look around while swimming!!! Pro right??!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I save mummy!!!

Yesterday night, I'm such a brave girl and save mummy!!!! Yeh!!! From what??? Her usual scare lor... bugs and everything that flies and crawls!!! Hahahaa... and this time the victim is...... Cockroach!!! Wahahahaa!!!!

Mummy didn't even see the cockroach when we walked into the master bedroom to on the aircon. When she kept calling me to go out after switching on, I didn't want to leave the room as I've noticed something on the curtain in the room. Mummy got very scared and quickly called Daddy to come into the room. By then, I've already attacked the thingy a lot of times and it doesn't seem to be moving. I never leave my sight away from it and continue playing with it.

Daddy came in and confirmed that it was a cockroach and out flew mummy!!! Daddy thought the cockroach was dead and just use a newspaper to carry it and suddenly it moved!!! I quickly attacked it again and it almost went under the bed!!! Luckily, with our co-operation, Daddy and I managed to capture it and kill it!!! Yeh yeh!!! All thanks to me!!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My latest news!!!

Hihi everyone!!! I'm back!!! Sorry for the delay as my mummy has a new craze recently and is still having her stupid silly craze... that is her Sim3!!!! Just can't stand it!!! All she do is play her Sim!!! It's a virtual family!!! For goodness sake!!! I'm the real family lor!!! Why aren't she playing with me??!!!

Anyway, at last I managed to fight over the lappy with her... and manage to write my long time not written blog!!! I'll try to keep up with my latest news as and when I manage to fight her craze!!!

Oh!!! Did I tell you I've recovered??!!!! Yeh yeh!!! At last I survived the stupid disease demon!!! My fur is so shiny and thick, all thanks to daddy and mummy's investment in me!!! With all the vitamins, nutrients and supplements, I am given!!!

Oh!!! Something else, too!!! I'm a big girl now!!! Had my first menses and my first heat!!! Yeh!!! Yeh!!! How I wish I can have my own kids... wait till I find the love of my life!!! Hope my prince will come and "rescue" me one day!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Swimming at the beach... I'm a brave girl lor!!!

This week is such a happy week for me!!! Daddy and Mummy (aka Uncle Alex and Auntie Jo - Auntie Meimei said should call them Daddy and Mummy, so I call them that lor!) accompany everyday for the whole week!!! On Monday, they brought me to swim at East Coast Park. This is the first time I go swimming... but may I know what's swimming? First time, I so near to the water and the water is so big and far!!! It's not like my house pipe that only comes out a burst of water when I need to bath... and what's that, that moving in and out? Should I go and chase after it? Looks so interesting... ok... I should just jump into it... wait a minute... it's sucking me backwards... this is so scary!!! I "running" for the land!!! OMG!!! I'm floating and moving my leg so fast that I actually touch the land!!! Yeh~! I'm saved!!!

Mummy keep pulling me back and told me it's called waves and that day the waves is very big so I'm such a brave girl to jump into the water!!! They didn't know I'm scared to hell!!!! Just keep saying I'm a brave girl and so proud of me. Anyway, dun care... just treat me as a bravve girl lor.

Anyway, this thingy keep sticking on my face and they so small and rough and salty. Help me clean my face mummy!!! I hate the small particles!!!

Mummy and Daddy still say want to bring me to Sentosa next time!!! OMG!!! Will I survive???!!!! Bless me all furbies!!!