Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Swimming accidents!!!

Hi "Woofmans"!!! Been so long since I last used mummy's lappy coz I've been real busy!!! Doing what, you are asking... of course my pro profession - swimmer!!! As you seen I've been going to the public pool every weekend and have mastered my swimming skill so much!!!

But accidents, of course still happens... like what you can see, it's a public pool... and there's A LOT OF big fellows around me... and they always forget about me when it comes to play... I am always jumped on and their whole body will keep me under water for a while!!! Haiz... no choice.. who tell me to be so dainty? ^_^

Oh ya!!! Forget to tell you, I'm a year old liao!!! Big girl liao!!! Had so much fun on my birthday!!! Coz daddy and mummy brought me to Sentosa - Tanjong Beach!! I've had the whole beach to myself!!! I mean, I can run so freely there!!! So happy!!! I've even flirted with my first boy!!! Had so much fun playing with him!!! Hope to see him again... mummy say will at least try to bring me once a month to Sentosa... hope that'll really happen!!!! Can't wait for the next trip there!!! Will post my photos in Sentosa on my next blog!!! Wait for me!!!

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